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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Updated 8/1/23 : Caduceus / Kundalini Pendant

Updated 8/1/23 - CLICK THE PIC to view this amazing piece

The few remaining pieces will be made available for $500 each, Buy it now & will be available once we have fulfilled the Pre-Orders.

This is a very special Project that I have wanted to do for a long time. Limited to 111 pieces, each is Numbered #/111

This is a heavy, highly detailed piece, nearly 3" long.

These Custom Pendants are being made available for $500 Buy it now.

Many have asked about my Custom piece over the years, and after much contemplation, the idea for this was born.

The Caduceus / Kundalini Chakra Pendant from InnerVision Crystals.

Moldavite (Heart Chakra), Amethyst (Crown Chakra) & Sapphires for the other 5 Chakras.

I saw a piece of Art a few years ago that inspired me to do this, and I finally tracked down the Artist to ask his Permission to use it and gifted him a very special 1 of 1 Prototype of this amazing Talisman.

We are taking Pre-Orders now on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Custom Caduceus Chakra Pendant from IVC.
  • PRE-ORDER period ends on July 31.
  • We will Ship all Pre-Orders by August 21.
  • Measurements : 70x66mm 38 grams .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Set with 7 gemstones, 3mm - 4mm each
  • Moldavite, Sapphires & Amethyst.
  • This production is Limited to 111 pieces
  • No Returns on this Limited Edition Project.

The Caduceus represents many things, the secret of secrets within Hermetic Alchemy, the knowledge of the Secret Fire & Divine Consciousness.

The Secret fire also known as the Kundalini , life force energy that flows from the base of the spine to the crown chakra through the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Channels which result in the chemical marriage within the Pineal & Pituitary Glands - this is also symbolized by the Uraeus, the Cobras & the winged Disc from Ancient Egypt. The Caduceus is the Magical Wand of Thoth / Hermes, and was adopted as a symbol of Medicine in current times, though the symbolism runs much deeper. Understood by those with Eyes to see.

This Talisman / Pendant is created as a tool to remind us of the path, the Great Work of Life. A reminder, as we embark upon the souls journey, to enter the material plane of existence as a human but for a little while and seek the path home on the journey of enlightenment.

Consciousness is All that is. All things are a manifestation of Consciousness in different forms from Aether to the physical Matter and the many stages in between. All is MIND, the Universe is Mental. Give thanks to God most High. Blessings & Love to all.

This is where I leave you. To those with Eyes to See, behold...

Thank you for being here. Blessings on your journey.


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