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Proper Care for Wearing Jewelry everyday

Everyone loves to wear their jewelry. I have pieces I wear almost daily. When it comes to proper care, to ensure stones don't come lose, or bend, break, scratch, all the things that can, and will probably happen over the life of your jewelry, you need to be smart.

Recommendations for making your jewelry last through lifes normal wear and tear. Personally I remove all my jewelry when I sleep (except maybe my wedding ring)

Take Pendants & Bracelets off when showering, bathing, swimming, hot tubs, and when you sleep and tuck it in your shirt if doing other labor or sports, etc.

Take Rings off when working with your hands, dishes, etc.

Polish your jewelry using a special cloth like, Sunshine Polishing Clothes or a ultrasonic cleaner. I rarely use chemicals to clean them, sometimes silver cleaner if tarnished, but a toothbrush and warm water usually does the trick, sometimes some light dish soap but rinse with warm water and dry them right away.

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