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Shop Our Restock For 20% OFF
Shop Our Restock For 20% OFF

The 2022 Restock Begins - New Stones available!

Updated 3/16/2022

Hi Everyone!

Jewelry, Herkimers, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Tourmaline, Jewelry, Moldavite / Jewelry, and so much more available now! Search all our collections - those still waiting to be restocked have info there. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know, or check back each day at 5pm EST.

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We will update this regularly as we restock. This week Jewelry is up! We will list all the pendants Monday & Tuesday. We also have Tourmaline Crystals & Moldavite Gemstones on deck. Stay tuned!

Check the homepage for updated / restocked collections.

An epic Private collection of Moldavite is now available! 152 truly amazing stones. It is bittersweet as major production is over & this is likely the last Epic collection we will see like this. These stones are priced between $150 - $300 per gram. We will be restocking all other Moldavite collections soon.

The team is busy sorting 1000s of pieces from our Buying trip.

Jewelry, Tourmaline Crystals & Tourmaline in Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Brandbergs, Zimbabwe Amethyst, Polished Citrine, Peridot, Quartz / Citrine & Smoky Crystals, Phenakite, Heliodor, Top Shelf Quartz Pieces, Opals & MORE... We are working to get everything ready for photography & listing. 

Mike & Jimi worked very hard in Tucson to source the BEST quality available. As always, you will be happy with the new treasures we brought back.

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Year 16 is about to get started proper. Stay tuned!

Much Love!

Mike & the IVC Family

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