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Brandberg Quartz Crystals | InnerVision Crystals

Brandberg Quartz Crystals

Welcome to InnerVision Crystals. Our lowest price out the door on the Quality & Stones we offer year round. No Gimmicks, Codes or Waiting for Big Sales.

Here you will find an amazing selection of Beautiful Brandberg Crystals in all qualities and sizes. Amethyst / Smoky Crystals from the Brandberg Mountains area (Fire Mountain) in Goboboseb, Namibia, Africa. These are some of the BEST Crystals in the world hands down.

Brandberg Quartz "is a unique and extraordinary blend of Amethyst, Clear and Smoky Quartz together in one exceedingly high-vibrational crystal. It is found only in Namibia, Africa, and is imbued with remarkable phantoms, enhydros, and other rare formations and inclusions. It attunes to pure consciousness and is a potent talisman of healing and perfection with the capacity to restore one back to their etheric blueprint in order to realign with the Divine Source" - The Crystal Bible - Judy Hall

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