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Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals Wholesale "Sugar" AA GRADE 1mm - 5mm

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OCT 23, 2018 ***Restocked*** Limited Supply

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals

WHOLESALE LOTS AA GRADE 1mm - 5mm crystals

These Micro Crystals range between 1mm - 5mm in size. This is what we call the Herkimer Diamond "Sugar". Hand picked and sorted for the highest quality in the world, the only way to sort these, hours of painstaking fun.


AA Grade = 98%+ Flawless, No Contacts, Eye Clean, very minor micro inclusion may be present, This is the highest Quality

A+ Grade = 95% Flawless, very minor inclusions / contacts may be present

A Grade = 90% Flawless , Minor inclusions / Contacts present

B+ Grade = Contacts / Inclusions, sometimes floater Crystals

B Grade = Prevalent Contacts, Inclusions, may be single Terminations

C Grade = Heavily included, Contacts are present, Can be chips, Half Crystals, Etc.

All Herkimer Diamonds are direct from the source here in NY.

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