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Updated 10/122021 : NEW STONES available now! You can search the collections above to find your perfect Moldavite.  We send community newsletters when we restock, so sign up to know as soon as we list new stones. Thank you for being here to share our passion for this stone. Please see below for more info.

Welcome to the premier online collection of Moldavite stones for sale. Since 2006, we are your direct source for all things Moldavite! Come Explore With Us.

InnerVision Crystals is your U.S. based Source for Moldavite Stones direct from the Czech Republic. We carry the largest online supply of these amazing tektites you will find. Each piece that makes it online here has been specially selected from kilos of Moldavite. IVC has been buying direct from the same sources for over a decade &  have developed a very close relationship, allowing us to get first look at many of the best stones that become available on the market.

Moldavite from IVC was also featured on the History Channel Show Ancient Aliens S06E08

Moldavite over the last 10+ years has become one of the most popular stones in the world. Moldavite is classed in the Tektite / impact glass family as the result of a Meteorite impact nearly 14.5 - 15 millions years ago. They are considered stones, and can also be classified as mineraloids, rare green natural glass , Lechatelierite - sometimes classed with Quartz, is a pure silica glass (technically it has no crystal structure), each stone formed as it hurled through the air during its creation after impact.

Moldavite are highly sought after in both the world of collectors and those interested in metaphysical properties & healing with crystals. There is definitely an energy to it all, even my source in Czech and I talk about it. It is The Emerald that fell from the sky. Moldavite truly is the stone of transformation, merging the Above and the Below as One.

Click the picture / link below and see examples of the fake stones from Asia & India, welcome to the webs best Moldavite education page

 All Moldavite from IVC are guaranteed Natural Stones. Buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from the source. Every order comes with a business card size COA and is Guaranteed 100% to stand up to any Certified lab testing, including GIA. We work very hard to stay ahead of these charlatans with our source in Czech. Read more about spotting fakes above by clicking the pic. Thank you for choosing IVC, If you have any questions please contact us. We also have the largest online selection of Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals from here in NY, Phenakite Crystals & Brandberg Crystals, and many more. Come Explore With Us.

For Meditation, Reiki & other energy work, Moldavite can be used to clear all the chakras. It specifically works on the Heart & Third Eye, but it is different for everyone. It can range from nothing, to very subtle energy to overwhelming.

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