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Summer Clearance is Here!
Summer Clearance is Here!

Lemurian Seed Crystal Polished Point 91 g 59x30mm

Only 1 left!
Original price $35.00 USD - Original price $35.00 USD
Original price
$35.00 USD
$35.00 USD - $35.00 USD
Current price $35.00 USD

We are listing our remaining 2023 inventory for Polished Lemurian Seed Crystals from Corinto, Brazil. These are semi polished with a flat base, some growth lines & natural features are present.

We partnered with our mine source to make some small batches of Polished Crystals & Shapes this year. We hope you enjoy them!

Minor imperfections and inclusions are common. Lemurian Seed Crystals exhibit the Muzo habit better known as "growth lines", with some more dominant than others. These have been some of our favorite crystals since we started in 2006.

Help with Measurements  :

1" = 25mm = 2.5cm             1 lb / pound = 453 grams
1/2" = 12.5mm                     1 g / gram = 5 carats
1/4" = 6.35mm                     1 ct / carat = 0.20 grams

Most stones are measured in Grams & mm (Millimeters). Please use these references to better help you understand size, etc.
Thank you for choosing IVC.

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