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Libyan Desert Glass 29.80 g 41x31x25mm

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These are all Top Quality stones, minor imperfections, chips may be present on some pieces.

Libyan Desert glass or Great Sand Sea glass is an impact glass, made mostly of Lechatelierite, it is the purest form of Silica Glass on the planet. It is found in a remote area in the eastern Sahara / Libyan Desert in western Egypt.

Color may slightly vary from Screen to in Person, we shoot on Black with professional equipment to ensure the best quality representation. You will receive the exact stone shown.

Libyan Desert Glass vibrates at the Solar Plexus chakra & stimulates spiritual healing. It is a protective stone & one of transformation, it can be used for meditation, crystal healing & modalities like Reiki and other purposes. It has been sought for centuries for its metaphysical properties, as talismans & tools, the most famous is probably the Scarab found with King Tut.

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