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Summer Clearance is Here!
Summer Clearance is Here!

Star Ruby 180.25 ct 33x26mm

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Original price $1,100.00 USD - Original price $1,100.00 USD
Original price
$1,100.00 USD
$1,100.00 USD - $1,100.00 USD
Current price $1,100.00 USD

Please read for all details :

These are what we call our B+ Grade stones, these will have minor imperfections , little nicks from polishing, etc. These are very affordable, nice Star Ruby stones. Priced in the $9 - $10 per carat range.

Location : India

The Star is best viewed in the Sun. The Color of the stones shifts slightly from lighting source and screen / phone.

These stones are protective, and help to ground higher spiritual vibrations. They are excellent for meditation & healing work, as well as Talismans / Pendants.

Star Ruby easily integrates the highest frequencies into the physical body. As it grounds this powerful energy into the earth through the Root chakra, Star Ruby amplifies manifestation efforts to help one access and receive the true abundance life has to offer. But caution must be utilized as we must remain aligned with our higher virtues, less we descend into the abyss and go mad along the path.

A healing stone for sexual trauma and power-abuse trauma, as it sheds light on the root causes. In this way, Star Ruby helps those who suffer from dissociation, by helping us come into the body and feel engaged in life, the physical world, and the human experience.

The presence of a star is one of the most remarkable phenomena encountered in the world of colored gemstones. This optical occurrence is quite rare, being only found in a very small percentage of the rubies mined around the world.

We offer only Natural Star Ruby, Mike has a special affection for this stone and sources them direct, searching out the best 6 ray stars.

For all single stones & small lots shown here you will receive the exact stone in the pictures.

Help with Measurements  :
1" = 25mm = 2.5cm             1 lb / pound = 453 grams
1/2" = 12.5mm                     1 g / gram = 5 carats
1/4" = 6.35mm                     1 ct / carat = 0.20 grams

Most stones are measured in Grams & mm (Millimeters). Please use these references to better help you understand size, etc.

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