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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

A peek at what we have planned for 2019

Hi Everyone!
Here is a little peek at what is coming for the first Qtr of 2019

January - March :

  • Moldavite :
  • We are actively buying reserves & collections as there is no major production in Czech at this time and no new field will open in 2019.
  • Besednice Moldavite - We are very excited about these pieces from the long mined out location. We will be releasing these in January. A collection of the remaining reserves has been purchased and we are very excited to release these. We have acquired a couple kilos of these amazing stones, it is important to note that when these are sold there will be no more. This is it from this world class field & consists of 10 to 30 gram Besednice stones. Yes, you read that right, thats more rare than 50 gram pieces from any other field. Get ready. Round 2 may become available in Spring, depends if we decide to put it away or offer.
  • We will also be releasing new 50+ gram pieces from another collection. 2019 will be fun, being at the source since 2006 has gained us access to the best of the best and we will continue to bring you the best stones available until they are gone...
  • Brandberg Crystals - We have purchased a very large portion of the latest production. This is going to be fun. We listed 300 smaller crystals and less than 80 remain. Stay tuned for these!
  • Black Tourmaline, Erongo Mtns, Namibia
  • This is the best Black Tourmaline in the world hands down. We have 50 kilos of amazing crystals coming, singles, dts, twins, clusters, etc. Something to help ground all the high vibe energy stones around here!
  • Spirit Quartz, South Africa
  • We will have around 100+ kilos of these amazing crystals, Purples, Yellows, and Lavender sometime in February we expect these
  • Our 2019 Tucson Buying Trip
  • Mike is gearing up for his big Wholesale buying trip. We are looking to double our inventory online in 2019 so we will be bringing back a variety of amazing crystals. Starting in February the team will be processing and getting everything ready for the website. Phenakite to Citrine and so much more.

Stay Tuned for 2019!

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