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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

How to spot fake Moldavite

Always a hot topic these days. There is a LOT of misinformation out there by uneducated people who claim to be experts on Moldavite. From "bubbles can't be round because the meteorite would have flattened everything" (bubbles formed as the molten glass cooled as it rained back to earth and can be any shape and size, etc) and many other things.

We here at IVC are at the forefront of exposing the fakes being sold on ebay and other parts of the web. We are in a very unique position, Being the largest US Source for Moldavite, working with our Czech Source and handling more moldavite than most can dream of on a daily basis I can now, after 11 years tell fake from real from just a picture. IVC has spent $1M+ on Moldavite since 2006 to ensure we are at the source and able to provide the premier online collection of this amazing Stone.

Also With Colgate University in our backyard here in Hamilton NY we have been fortunate to work with the Geology Dept. to scan and test some of the fakes on the market to help educate people.

Educate yourself here, and then do more research so you can learn how to spot these stones when you see them.

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