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11 Year Newsletter from Mike @ IVC + Inventory Reduction Sale


 Hi! Yes, YOU

This is Mike from IVC and I wanted to reach out and personally thank each and every client, vendor, miner, jeweler & everyone else we collaborate with in any way. Every single piece is an essential part of the whole. For 11 years now InnerVision Crystals has had a vision - to provide the best online shopping experience possible when looking for crystals, minerals, gemstones & jewelry. IVC was created from the persepctive of the way I wanted to be treated when I shop online. No Surprises for the buyer. Things done the right way. From Fast & Free U.S. shipping on all orders, to lightning fast customer service on top of the best selection of the stones we specialize in or decide to offer, very competitive pricing for the quality to how we present the unboxing experience. This is not just about selling you a crystal or stone. It is about doing it different, more personal, bigger and better than the competition, to lead the way, to think way outside the box.

Besides, shit has gotten really weird on this planet, I know I am not alone there. I know many are very aware, and everyone feels it deep down, even if we dont admit it to ourselves. For those making conscious actions, to initiate change on this planet, Keep spreading light in everything you do out there. What we do matters. See beyond the illusions in place. ∞

2017 kicked off year 11 in true Mike Speed (Keep up....GO). We went to Tucson for our annual buying trip, came home and closed / moved into our new Home & Space , A massive restock & the NY / NJ Gem Show. Now with 1200 sq ft of room dedicated to the IVC "spaceship", as it has been dubbed, the idea machine is running overtime at warp speed. It is amazing what happens when you have the right space to spread things out the way they should be. Danielle & Johnny have become an integral part of the IVC team, From Photography to editing and listing 1000s of amazing stones, to shipping and help with social media. It is amazing to have the right help to step in so I can focus on the creative side of things & sourcing more.

For the stones we specialize in, Moldavite, Phenakite, Herkimers & Brandbergs (as well as the others we carry) we are at the source for each of these. Over the past decade I have cultivated amazing relationships to ensure IVC has access to the best stones available. No room for error or messing around when playing the game of life at this level.

So what exactly is the Inventory Reduction Sale?

After much consideration we come to the inventory reduction sale. What is that exactly? Didn't you just run some pretty amazing discounts for March / April? Yes, and you know what, why not continue that? The reality is the ideas I have require moving things around a bit, new jewelry, new stones, sending a team on the road to do more gem shows across the country, LOTS of ideas to make happen. So that is exactly what I have decided to do. Make it happen. Why not offer the most competitive pricing in the business on single stones across the board for an extended period of time - maybe a permanent new business model.

What is the plan now? Well, with these current discounts I know the pricing is source direct competitive on everything we offer. Google will show you the same thing with a little research. I know the quality we offer and the way we handle things here is next level, because there is no other way to do things. ONE Way to do all things in life .

So why not step it up and take year 11 as the year we blow out our massive inventory of 1000s of stones at or below wholesale prices. Why not indeed.

Blessings & Thank you for being a part of this journey

Mike Eggleston & the IVC Team

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