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Shop Our Restock For 20% OFF
Shop Our Restock For 20% OFF

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Welcome to IVC!

We offer VIP / Wholesale Accounts to all qualifying Clients, please read & apply below. If you are a Reseller / Business or a Private Collector and would like to spend over $1k, please fill out this page. 

*If you do not already have an account with us Please sign up here after submitting your info below.

Since 2006, IVC has specialized in Quality & Selection, carrying the largest online collections of the stones we specialize in, from Moldavite to High Quality Brazil Quartz, Phenakite, Herkimer Diamond Quartz, our Jewelry line and more.We offer our most competitive pricing everyday. No chasing big sales, etc.

We add new Crystals & Stones monthly and sell out of many things very quickly. Join our VIP / Wholesale community to be among one of the largest in the world.

No gimmicks. None of the mass produced crystals flooding the market. No Resins, dyes or treatments. Only the best quality Crystals we can source for their natural beauty and the Metaphysical benefits.

Every stone is hand selected & quality controlled by our Team. We are a home based business and love what we do! We specialize in certain stones & have mine direct sources for everything and our own Jewelry manufacturing. Let us give you peace of mind & show you what sets us apart when shopping online for Crystals.

In the message below, please include the following info :

  • Name or Business Name
  • Address
  • Business Tax ID
  • Years in Business
  • Website / Store info

We will reply when you are approved & your account is tagged.

Thank you for being here. We value your business.

Mike Eggleston

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