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Shop Our Restock for 20% OFF
Shop Our Restock for 20% OFF

The 2016 Crystal & Gemstone Carving Collection is here!

31 pieces make up the 2016 Carvings Collection from IVC. Each of these pieces were personally selected to be transformed from amazing pieces of rough natural stones into the finished piece you are now looking at. Each piece is hand carved with amazing attention to detail and skill to produce a truly unique one heirloom. The piece you see here is a true one of a kind piece of art, a gemstone of another kind. Very few in this quality exist. InnerVision Crystals has been working with our Carver Nuang Ballinger to produce this amazing collection. This year marks the biggest collection and the following were chosen : 8 Quartz, a large natural Blue Topaz, 19 Moldavite, 3 Libyan Desert Glass.

Each piece was created using the best quality material available. I hope you enjoy these rare works of art as much as I do. For all questions, inquiries & Offers please use this EMAIL
Thank you ∞
Michael Eggleston
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