Why do some people feel crystals and others feel nothing?

Why, is because all things, all manifest reality, seen and unseen are the result of one source, pure consciousness. All matter is energy, atoms arranged in different forms throughout the Universe. Everything - from the planet itself being Alive, to levels of consciousness within the mineral, plant, metal and animal / human kingdoms. Crystals and stones / gems are no different and can be used as tools to raise individual consciousness as they hold a certain energetic vibration.

All things do this, according to their own virtues and state of consciousness. So when we come into contact with them, and IF our consciousness is already tuned in to a certain state of perception through meditation, yoga, and other practices (and not complete chaos as most experience the waking state) then those tools can assist in expanding our perception and awareness. They are best used as tools through meditation, healing work, etc.

Any and All results are in direct accordance with the direction of the will & intention, the purity of thought so to speak. The Universe is mental, it is thought projected from source, to the material, i.e. spiritizing of matter. You already are everything you are searching for. Its just been forgotten, locked away within like a state of amnesia. Quantum physics and the new & ancient sciences, show this as the Mystics and Alchemists of the past all explained.

Many people and civilizations, Going many Aeons, from Egypt to the minds of Galileo and Newton who were practicing Alchemists, to more modern minds, including Einstein, Tesla, Vogel, and many other scientific & philosophic minds understood the direct relation between the spiritual and physical. They knew this needed to be understood together in order for the species to advance. Everything is energy, but the way in which our consciousness is confined within a physical materialization places limits on things for most. There are no limitations except those which we impose upon ourselves.

At the very least Crystals and gems should be intriguing to anyone who lays eyes upon them and recognizes the beauty inherent within all things, and what it must have taken to create such things in the womb of Nature.

Blessings ∞ Mike Eggleston

As Above, So Below

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