Huge Quartz restock is completed! Ajoite & Brandbergs & MORE....

***HUGE RESTOCK COMPLETED**UPDATED 5/3/15***We returned from a very busy 2015 NY / NJ Gem show where I bought out my (THE) source for Ajoite & Brandberg Crystals, so many amazing new crystals including very rare High End Collection crystals. Check them out here AJOITE & BRANDBERGS  over 1000 new stones & MORE
Also many new Moldavites are coming next week & Quartz crystals (Spirit Quartz, Spessartine on Smoky & Many More) from around the world & MORE COMING NEXT WEEK and some new additions - very Rare Fibrous Sugilite in the Gem Show Finds collection & Mexican Amber will be available soon, very Rare & Special High Altitude Quartz from India is now Available! and some awesome genuine Bronze statues of Buddha and Ganesha from India
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