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Summer Clearance is Here!
Summer Clearance is Here!

2018 Gem Show Schedule UPDATE

Hi Everyone!

Deciding where to put your energy in business is sometimes daunting. Spread yourself too thin and you lose focus. Take on something you are not ready for and you squander opportunity. Everything is a risk. Stress is created either because you over leverage or you realize certain fears and let them take hold. To sell only on your website vs other channels, to do or not do a Gem show. Where to put money in advertising, etc. New Products, etc. Everything is a risk. After 12 years I find myself looking at everything to make the most calculated risks count, optimize everything and streamline and cut out the BS. So with that said, IVC's only 2018 Gem Show will be the East Coast Gem Show (W Springfield MA) in August. We will be launching our New Jewelry line soon and lots of good stuff online. I will be focusing more on whats important, here at the spaceship, spending more time with my family, and do the work I need to focus on, both personal and business.

Look forward to seeing everyone in August!

Blessings & Thank you for your continued support

Mike Eggleston

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