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Jewelry & Gemstones - Whats new for 2016

This year is 10 years since IVC began. Over the years I have expanded the inventory and the various types of crystals and stones offered. This year one of the main focuses will be on adding many new jewelry pieces and gemstones Jewelry & Gemstones

2015 was an amazing year at IVC, it is also when I met the Jeweler who has created some amazing pieces for myself and a few clients. Out of this relationship came ideas I have had in my head for awhile. Jarex Schmidt is one of the most talent people in the jewelry business I have ever met. He is a master of his craft. Our mutual love of Alchemy, manifested the first of many exclusive talismans from IVC. The Alchemy Talisman , with an initial limited run of 30 pieces, only 2 Herkimer Diamond Quartz in Silver Remain & 3 each of Moldavite & Herkimer in 14k Gold.

The 2nd in the line of Esoteric & Alchemical symbolism is the Pentagram / Pentagon. Featuring a 7mm Pentagon custom cut Moldavite Gemstone. A very limited run of 20 pieces will be available sometime in Early 2016. 17 pieces in Silver and 3 in Gold.

The 3rd is also in the works, the stones will available in a few choices, this one is being kept a secret until it is ready to be released.

A very large amount of Faceted Herkimer Diamond Gemstones is currently being cut as well as new Moldavite, Danburite and other gemstones faceted exclusively for IVC from rough I select myself. Wholesale and single stones are and will be available. Feel free to contact with any questions or requests.

IVC is your direct source for Faceted Herkimer Diamond Quartz Gemstones. Guaranteed, the best pricing, in all shapes, sizes and cuts, including custom jobs. Direct from the source in NY.

IVC is also the place for all your faceted Moldavite needs. Buying at the source and having the stones cut myself allows me a very unique position to provide clients with stones of all sizes and shapes. Custom jobs are available upon request and I think for the quality you will be very happy with our wholesale pricing as well.



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