About Moldavite : The Stone of Transformation ; Energy & Consciousness

By : Mike Eggleston  See The Largest Online Moldavite Collection Here

Moldavite is an amazing and rare stone. It is the first stone that I really "felt" energy from. I remember getting my first kilo nearly 10 years ago and having to take breaks sorting through the stones. It has lead me on a journey that has become a career and I do not believe in coincidence, or the illusion of it. All things are connected, and I view crystals as one of many tools to be used to raise our awareness and our consciousness.

Moldavite is such a beautiful and mysterious stone. The only Tektite like it in the world, with the ability to facet some of the most beautiful green gemstones in the world. The stones themselves range from piece to piece, no 2 stones truly alike. The many differences in color, shape, texture show the vast range of this stone as it cooled and fell back to earth and the millions of years of erosion and being buried in the earth. From the spiky textures of Besednice to the South Bohemia and Chlum areas known for thick larger stones. It is highly prized by collectors both for its rarity and its metaphysical appeal. It is deep in mythology and lore, ranging from Grail stories to its healing and awakening powers.

This green stone from the Czech Republic is truly one of the most amazing of all the stones in this world.

Crystals themselves are not going to change your life, fix your problems or raise your consciousness, YOU do all of that. Crystals are merely tools, and when used in certain ways, they amplify, for a lack of a better word, the energy, intent & thoughts that we are putting out into our reality. They work in accordance with the natural energy that is within us and all around us each day. In turn we - Through our direct actions and our thoughts - we manifest every experience, "good or bad". Crystals, Moldavite included, are natural oscillators of sorts, you apply energy and they do their thing. But in truth it all comes from YOU, from within. I try to explain this so many times when people say "I don't feel it" or "it isn't working".

We work with many tools until we learn what we have to learn throughout this life, and gain the experiences necessary to transmute knowledge into wisdom. Thinking into Doing. Mere believing into direct experience. Meditation will help as that is the greatest tool we have at our disposal. It is Alchemy at its finest. If we wish to understand the great secrets of Nature then we must seek the deepest abyss within ourselves. KNOW THYSELF.
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Patricia Wittich - February 7, 2019

moldavite it one of my favorite stones

Daniel - October 29, 2018

Hello. I should have read this site first but I allready made an order in Amazon from a piece of Moldavite and now I know that there are great posibilities that the crystals sent from India can be fake ones. The dealer in Amazon is Kala Emporium and is from India so I am bothering you if you can tell me if a trustworthy dealer. Thank you so much. Regards from Paraguay, Southamerica.

Kelly Johnson - July 30, 2018

I’m already seeing the synchronicities. I ordered a zafu and zabuton a while back after an adept told me via psychic chat online that I needed to get into zen meditation & that I was capable of becoming a great sage. I’m not a Buddhist , so I never got into it. It didn’t feel right. I will definitely whip out my $60 eBay zafu & zabuton set now though and start doing silent meditations while listening to intentional isochronic tones. :)

jean armand de vendegies - December 10, 2017

could you send me a email when you get neckless moldavites jewelry

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