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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Fall 2020 at IVC : Updated 9/16/2020

Its been an eventful year to say the least. Anyone else ready for a vacation?

We have been adding new crystals weekly & September will be a very busy month at IVC.

9/16/2020 - A HUGE Moldavite restock is in the works & we will be listing many new stones this week & over throughout September! (Some new pendants too!)

We have released our Fall / Winter Jewelry line, including new Moldavite Pendants & many other stones. We hope to begin making pieces, mostly Pendants. This will be around 850+ pieces with 100+ amazing Colombian & Brandberg Crystal Point Pendants coming later this year.

BIG NEWS!!! We have acquired & listed the entire 2020 Phenakite production from the Carnabia Mine in Brazil. They are all now available in the Phenakite Collection.

Colombian Lemurians, Amethyst, Epidote in Quatz & Brazil lemurians are all available.

We are working hard to keep things moving here at IVC. The team & I thank you for your continued support. We appreciate all the new clients & give thanks for our community that has built around this venture since 2006.

Be Well out there. We will be extending our biggest discounts through the end of year.


Mike & the IVC Family

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