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Our 18th Anniversary Sale Is Here
Our 18th Anniversary Sale Is Here

Besednice Moldavite - Limited Availability

besednice moldavite innervision crystals

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Besednice is the most famous location for Moldavites. It has been closed / mined out for years now. Made Famous for the spiky hedgehog like texture & formations, these delicate prized stones are rarely seen on the market since 2012.

One source controls all of the remaining stock in Czech. Good Pieces retail in the $100+ gram range, especially for well formed pieces. This is an indicator for what will happen to other Moldavites as the fields are mined out and less and less comes to market.

IVC was able to obtain just shy of 300 grams of amazing pieces from a client I sold to back in 2012 - I can not get this from even my source in Czech , to give you an idea of how rare these are now.

So enough talk.... ENJOY

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