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BIG Changes have arrived at IVC - Important Updates

Hi Everyone!
This weekend we will be resetting all prices on the website to the lowest we can offer - ALL THE TIME. No more waiting for big sales. I wanted to reach out personally & let you know about some changes coming to IVC officially Feb 1, but in effect by this Sunday Jan 31.

We have been running our max discounts since Spring of 2020. The reason for this is of course, is because of the COVID & Economic issues we are all facing. Over the last 15 years IVC has grown to be one of the Premier online Crystal sites, leading in the stones we specialize in. But this does not make us immune to the crisis, like all small & medium size businesses we are forced to adapt in this environment, thus the year long sale...

That being said, going forward we are going to price everything, direct to you, locked in at the lowest possible prices we can offer. This means you dont have to wait around for the sales & codes. We are going to take a very conservative approach & will no doubt offer the most competitive pricing on all of the stones we carry in the business. This decision was something I went back & forth with for a while. But I have come to understand that going forward, not being able to plan 3 or 6 months ahead like pre covid times presents enough challenges. So we will crush it & optimize everything in order to secure the next 15 years of this journey.

Those of you who have been with us awhile, know our prices are good & it is about to get even better. The Service & Quality will continue to be the best in the business.

We will run a max discount of 20% a couple times a year when Anniversary Sale & End of Year comes. But beyond that you will be getting the best we can offer year round from here on out.

Blessings &
Thank you!
Mike & the IVC Family
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