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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Coming Soon - Spring / Summer 2022

Hi Everyone!

We have a few shipments inbound to IVC!

Brazil - We have more Lemurians, mid size crystals up to 1 kilo, A wide selection of the best quality Polished crystals available from Brazil - Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Citrine. We also have a few single larger crystals, Citrine / Smoky with Enhydros & other features.

Namibia - Black Tourmaline from Erongo. Enough Said. The Best in the world.

Moldavite - we will be restocking Small Top Quality 1 - 3 gram sizes. With Discounts our price per gram is between $24 - $38 per gram for B Grade & Top up to 20 grams.

Ukraine - A small shipment of fresh crystals from our friends! Heliodor & Phenakite are enroute to us.

LDG - We have a very large shipment of Libyan Desert Glass coming, including 20 - 100 gram stones & 100 - 500 gram XL stones. We will also make a wide variety of other stones available & Some kilos available for wholesale!

New Jewelry - Opals & more coming soon!

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