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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Consciousness & The Great Work

A peak inside for those interested in such topics. Nothing for sale here. Just My Philosophy of how I approach everything, from Business to Personal to Spiritual , it is all ONE. As Above, So Below. When you understand this, well..............

alchemy consciousness as above so below

We are so much more than merely human, merely living in this world bent to the will of the "way things are".... people think "The Secret" and these other movies and gimics and trends are mind blowing, or "truth" news and memes or whatever it may be are... and in a way they are, small pieces to the puzzle of unlocking Consciousness and understanding the all inclusiveness of the mystery we wish to unravel. Yet most will never take the personal responsibility and applied action required to prove it and bring about real change, real awakening through direct experience, or really test the theories enough that they so desperately want to believe in. Why not? What is the use of simply parroting mantras and the like if you will not do the hard work necessary to transcend mere belief or wishful thinking into Direct Knowledge. The entire universe of information literally at our finger tips in this day and age, there has never been a more opportune time to be alive and we have within us the ability to unlock the universal storehouse of abundance and happiness, beyond what most can only imagine or day dream of. We are as a species starting to understand the unsustainable path we find ourselves on, the struggle most are subjected to, living in a shadow of what life is meant to be. To be or not to be I suppose..... lets get down and Philosophize about creating solutions and how shifting our consciousness / awareness & directing our will / vision we can actually create the very life we wish for but always seem to fall short of.... it is all created by our Thoughts, this is the foundation, the cornerstone is the Imagination, the discarded element we are told to leave behind so we may "grow up" and become another obedient clog in the machine, waiting for change or some savior to come in some form outside of ourselves....that change will never come, because we ourselves, well, We are that Change. And I know many of you reading this understand exactly what I am saying. It transcends the divide and conquer mentality of the old system, and appeals to the soul, beyond what we are told to believe by the Organized religion / government / chaos driven illusions of control we accept as truth in these strange days, I hope one day all of you do...most don't start to "get it" until the end of life...but to realize this now, that is the key. The grand unifier of all things is Wisdom, divine in nature, undeniable in its essence. As Above, So Below. ∞ The Hard Work is worth it, I promise you that, the pain is worth it, the realization that comes is beyond anything that can be put into words.... my commentary on this technological mouthpiece we call Facebook...
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