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How Can You Tell If A Herkimer Diamond Is Real?

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There are a variety of look alike Double Terminated Quartz from other locations like China, Tibet, Mexico & other locations that are passed off, that is sold using the Herkimer name. True Herkimer Diamond Quartz only comes from the region in central NY that bears its name, Herkimer & the surrounding area. There are many similar looking crystals from other locations, but they are not the same crystals.

Herkimer Diamonds are a rare type of Quartz only found in this Region of NY state. It is found in the 3rd hardest rock in the world, Little Falls Dolostone Limestone.

You can tell the slight differences if you know what to look for, other crystals are usually a little more elongated, but experience is the key to spotting the subtle difference. Also, the others are usually much cheaper than true Herkimers.

Here you can see similar Crystals from Pakistan, Tibet / China & other locations sold using the Herkimer Name. Mexico, Arizona and other locations also have "diamond" shaped quartz.

Herkimer diamonds fascinate collectors since they are distinctive double terminated Crystals with high luster. These gems reflect a diamond-like look, a high degree of brightness, and excellent durability, slightly harder than normal Quartz around 7.5 in hardness. Gem lovers like this high-energy stone because of its natural 18 facets and double terminations. Herkimer diamonds are a rare exception as most quartz had just one termination. The majority of them are colorless, although you can occasionally discover fragments of different hues, champagne to smoky colors. Herkimer diamonds can be fashioned into a variety of jewelry designs, from elegant and sophisticated to bohemian and natural.

Understanding Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are amazing quartz crystals. They are, however, double terminated rather than being terminated on one end. The stones themselves are almost 500 million years old and have been utilized as jewels, amulets, and tool making materials for ages. These diamonds were discovered by the Mohawk Indians in Herkimer County during the 15th century. The Herkimer diamond is a 7.5 on the Mohs scale, whereas the genuine diamond is a perfect 10, the hardest material. They can be cut into a variety of gemstone forms. Almost all of these stones are clear and have excellent clarity up to around 10mm when they begin to become included. Water clear stones over 1/2" are rare & become more sought after the larger they get, we sometimes see A grade stones as larger as 2", these are very valuable and very rare, we refer to them as Unicorns. Large Herkimer diamonds may be rather costly , including highly sought after Skeletal formations & Clusters.

Cleaning And Caring For Herkimer Diamonds

While Herkimer diamonds are a wonderful alternative for diamonds, they aren't as durable and aren't recommended for everyday use in unique jewelry. One can ensure endless sparkles and a long life span of their Herkimer diamonds by keeping them clean. Place the Herkimer diamond in a mixture of 2 cups of warm water and a few drops of mild liquid soap for DIY cleaning. Allow at least 15 minutes for the stone to soak. Remove the stone from the dishwashing solution and scrape it gently with a toothbrush. While cleaning the dishes, doing work with the hands or in settings where the gemstone may be exposed to strong chemicals, taking off the jewelry or gemstone is always the best option, so dings & breaks do not occur.

Purpose Of Herkimer Diamonds

By popular belief, Herkimer diamonds have powerful healing properties, and they are an important element of numerous spiritual & metaphysical practices. When a Herkimer is put on the body or on a chakra, it allows light / energy frequencies to flow into the region. When a Herkimer Diamond is put between two chakras, it assures that both chakras benefit from the flow of energy through the stone. Quartz is a stone of Balance & Purification, it amplifies thoughts & intentions. It is the stone of attunement for healing modalities like Reiki.

Herkimer Diamonds will also assist you to connect to higher spiritual planes by aligning & attuning your energy field. Grounding stones like black tourmaline can help if you feel overwhelmed. Water-included Enhydro Herkimer Diamonds are a unique stone that clears obstructions while also stimulating the Heart Chakra.

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Joe - November 4, 2022

Thank you very interesting to note that there is a rip off else where that is sold as true Herkimer.

Kabongo j-j tshivuadi - November 4, 2022


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