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2023 : Welcome to IVC

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This is a VERY important email regarding the changes for 2023.

I wont bog you down again with details, so please take a few moments to read.


Please see the entire message below to understand everything.

From here on out, we will restructure the way we price things & offer our most competitive pricing out the door. On Everything. To Everyone. Everyday. No Gimmicks, No waiting for Sales, other codes, etc.

Our Lowest possible price, out the door, Always. We are going to flip the script and do what IVC does best, without worrying about competing or chasing sales.

The old ways of doing business are stagnant, the old model doesn't
work like it once did. Those of you who have been with us here at IVC for years have done your homework, when we are running sales or not, we have very competitive pricing on the Quality & Stones we carry. That is about to get even better, year round.

After deep consideration the last few weeks, I have decided to take a much more simplistic approach to Everything. The idea is to streamline, and focus on what we are best at, as individuals & as a company.

For 16 years we have helped set the bar in our niche market, beyond the many Gimmicks, knock offs, copycats and the like. But I am no longer going to play the Game or chase the BS, to compete or compromise my InnerVision...

You have your choices shopping for crystals online. For 16 years we have been a leader in our niche market for a reason. As we enter 2023, I feel the need for a shift, a more direct approach.

The last couple of years the Crystal market has become oversaturated. So many companies & etsy stores are selling the same mass produced, cheap, lower quality crystals or marking up to high retail and then slashing to "sale" prices, etc, to compete.

This, along with the many online / facebook & social media groups, has created a lot of confusion online as to what the fair retail prices on things are. Many are attempting to keep up with Our Sale prices at InnerVision, as we are always at or below our competitors for the quality we offer.

VIP & Wholesale saves 25% OFF - which is extremely Competitive as we always have been. Please apply here for those accounts.

We strive to offer the best quality, pricing & service available and we believe as a team that this is the best way to do that.

Thank you for being here. We are Looking forward to year 17 and bringing you more of what you have come to know & love from InnerVision Crystals.

Mike & the IVC Family

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