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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

IVC has gone Mobile in a big way

The Future is mobile, and that future is now.

I personally love the full version site when I am on a computer, and I spend a lot of time at the controls here on a 27" screen. Its personally my favorite web experience, and Now that will be exclusive to those of you on computers.

As much as I love the responsive design, I see where ecommerce is going and that means catering to clients utilizing the mobile platform as their go to in a slightly different way.

Starting now, those of you visiting on a mobile device will be taken to the exclusive mobile dedicated / m. site. It is fast, scoring 100/100 on Googles mobile test ratings. It is secure with SSL encryption and has amazing load times, and features like a favorites list, accounts, Apple pay and more.

We will also be releasing the Official Native app on both Google Play & Apple. We have tested a couple apps over the past few months and are very happy with the decision we made going forward. Thank you & Stay Tuned! Much love!

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