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June 2020 Update from IVC

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and give a quick update to our community.

Hope everyone is healthy & doing well. We live in quite interesting times indeed. Stay grounded & centered in love & ONEness and we will all transcend this current energy on this amazing planet.

We have just added 300 pieces of Moldavite in the 1 to 19 gram collections. We have also restocked the Wholesale & Beads section.

New jewelry is on hold due to international issues with Covid, etc., we hope to have new pieces available by August - we will keep you updated.

We will be restocking the following collections this month!

Herkimer Diamonds - Some great crystals from Treasure Mountain, Little Falls NY

Colombian Lemurians

Brazil Lemurians, clear & smoky

Amphibole crystals

Black Tourmaline

We are hoping to attend some Gem Shows late Summer into early Fall if everything holds together and find some new treasures as well.

We send love & peace to all of you. Be good to each other out there!


Mike & the IVC Family

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