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Life is a Trip... Q4 Look inside IVC - by Mike

This has been a very busy year at IVC. In January we went to Tucson to meet our sources and do some buying, we came home in February & bought a house and moved into the new space. Jump right into Gem Shows and poof, its October. Alicyn & I just got married on the Equinox Sept 22. A whirlwind of year. And chasing an 8 year old around well.... life is never dull around here.   

This year has been amazing, with 2 employees to help run the space ship at IVC. Danielle has been running social media & photographing all the amazing stones we offer. John has been in charge of shipping & the editing / listing aspect of getting things online. A very special thank you to Matt & Ben who helped with the Gem Shows! I could not do it without them. Thanks team!   

We have continued to expand our market for Moldavite, and with our Czech partner are able to provide the best quality stones, including the largest selection of XL Moldavites anywhere online. The team just listed around 1200+ new pieces of Moldavite and we have something like 600+ Herkimer Diamond Crystals from this years mining to choose from.  We are waiting to source new Phenakites and a few other things. We are currently blowing out ALL of our old inventory from 2014 - 2016 in order to fund the idea machine - including jewelry production & new stones in 2018. Of course we will continue to be the premier source for the stones we specialize in!

So for coming up on 12 years now , wow time flies - REMEMBER TO BLINK - I have been blessed to offer these Crystals & Stones. We have built a community, not just clients; but collectors, others who are inspired by nature, by mystery, by the love of these amazing creations. Many who have become friends over the years. Others who come to us for the really hard to get stuff, I love hunting for the rarest piece I can find. We have done some pretty cool things I never thought selling stones would bring. I really appreciate every single client, vendor & miner we work with. Without all of you none of this is possible.   

As a thank YOU , for all of 2017 we have been running our best discounts on everything. Being at the source at this level brings benefits and the goal at IVC has been to always offer the best quality at the most competitive pricing. Prices have gone up steadily at the source for stones and I have been able to hold that commitment true. I see what retail prices run in other shops, and at the gem shows. For the final part of this year, Oct - Dec, we will run our maximum discounts on every collection, as good as it gets, Wholesale on single stones.  We have some amazing things planned for next year. Lots of new Jewelry ideas in store. Time to get to work. Let us show you what peace of mind is. How Shopping for crystals online should be.   

Until next time!   Thank YOU & BLESSINGS! 

Be the change you wish to see in this world. BE Peace. BE Love. BE Light.



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