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Shop Our Restock For 20% OFF

Moldavite from IVC

moldavite leavy healing crystals

The above excerpt is from The Beginner's Guide to Crystal Healing

Moldavite is one of the stones we specialize in. Mike is one of the leading experts on Moldavite. Since 2006 we have worked closely with our sources in Czech Republic to bring the best stones available to the world. 

You may have seen our Moldavite on Ancient Aliens "Mysterious Relics", Season 6. We helped edit & publish our Czech Friends Moldavite Book. Trust is important, especially with all the fakes & mass produced low quality stones flooding the market.

How to spot fake Moldavite.

Search our entire collection of Moldavite Stones & Jewelry.

Thank you for being here. Let us give you peace of mind & show you what sets us apart when shopping online for Crystals.

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