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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Moldavite Production news from Czech Republic

Moldavite News!

moldavite innervision crystals
We have been adding to our Moldavite selection pretty consistently this year. Even with production for new stones very low since the Zatacka fields closed last year, there is no major large scale mining in Czech Republic for new Moldavite. Chlum is producing some, but a lot of chips as machinery is being used. Prospects do not look good for a new field in 2019. That being said the prices are rising overall as production has decreased and reserve supplies quickly being eaten up by demand.

We are not changing the prices on our current inventory, over 1500 pieces of Moldavite on the website, and they are all 30% - 50% OFF for our huge sale through Dec 31.

Going forward the price per gram will go up on all new pieces.

Take advantage of the sale if you want to get your hands on Moldavite as this happens.

As of right now no new Wholesale is being offered beyond what we have on the site. We will be adding more chips and some regular quality over the next couple months. We have also been buying collections and building our own reserves.

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