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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Moldavite Update for 2024

Moldavite innervision crystals

Updated 2/12/2024

Hello to our Community around the world!

Its been a very confusing couple years in the Moldavite world. Many people don't understand what happened or are unaware of why the prices went up in the last few years.

What we expected to happen - the end of major production arrived a little sooner than expected. In 2019 we started to tap reserves & purchase collections from long time miners. Pricing was up some then, as Chlum was the only major producing field, with a few smaller fields left. Stones started to become more limited, etc. Many factors, Supply, COVID, TikTok / social media going viral, Inflation and more contributed to things getting even weirder from 2020 on.

in 2022 , Wholesale prices - The cost for a Kilo (1000 grams) went up 300%+ , to a peak between $20 - $35 per gram in 2022.  That made the retail price out of range for most of the market. 

We have since then continued to do our best to get the prices lower. We stopped buying at the higher prices and worked with our long time sources to negotiate lower because it stalled the entire market. In my opinion, Even with current market conditions & supply shortages, the price spiked to high.

  • Fast forward to 2024. Prices have stabilized some, and In order to remain as competitive as possible we are holding our prices in the $18 - $25 per gram range for most stones with discounts applied. We have done our research, and we know our current price per gram among is among the most competitive you will find online.
  • We do not know exactly what to expect going forward, the days of mass mining are over. We dont see the Quality we did like before, or bigger stones. When it comes down to it, we are willing to take lower profit margins to do what we do, in order to be as competitive as we always have been on single stones. Moldavite is very special to us and we will do what we need to keep our prices where we feel they should be.

Production is limited - but sustaining now & new fields in the future, if that happens, will not change many things with worldwide supply. We all knew this was coming for a few years, but I can say, I was surprised how fast it happened. We will continue to bring you the best Moldavite stones & jewelry we can source at the best prices we can offer. 

Thank you & Blessings.

Mike & The IVC Family

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