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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

New Moldavite Collection is here!

Hi Everyone!

We are very excited about the Moldavite restock & the collection we are releasing.

Round 1 is now listed, of mostly Museum Quality, 20 to 50+ gram stones from Slavce, Vrabce, Stoh, Chlum & Zatacka, as well as some 10+ gram highly sculpted texture pieces from Netolice.

Special Collection Pieces

5 - 19 gram Pieces

20+ gram Pieces


Also we have released 11 Top Quality faceted gemstones that are stunning & would make some amazing custom jewelry.

Round 2 will consist of restocking the 1 to 5 & 5 to 19 gram collections, B Grade stones, Moldavite Pendants & jewelry, and the 2nd part of the Museum Quality stones in the 10 to 40 gram range.

With production being extremely limited in Czech for new stones since 2017, we are very excited about this major restock. We were able to purchase a large collection and a few kilos of various stones on our last buying trip to meet our sources.

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Thank you & Blessings

Mike & The IVC Family

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