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Test Your Knowledge with a Crystal ID Quiz (PLUS Fun Facts!)

By Ashley Leavy , Love & Light School

How many of these crystals can you identify using the pictures and clues given below?

If you get stuck, you can find the answers at the end of this post.  Even if you’re already a crystal whiz, you might pick up a new piece of trivia or two.  Enjoy!

A: A powder of this mineral added to water used to be prescribed by doctors to relieve kidney disease. It comes in a bevy of colors, and can be used to restore balance.

B: At one time this was mineral called “disthene,” which means “two strengths.” It helps you communicate with higher beings, and it’s also used for manufacturing spark plugs.

C: This is not green fuchsite mica, but that’s where its color comes from. Use it to help convert negative energy into positive.

D: This crystal, whose name is derived from two things you might see when you look up into the sky, has a sheen so unique it’s got a special name: adularescence.

E: With orbs of chalcedony, striations of agate and pockets of druze, this “jasper” contains a little bit of everything. Use it to connect with ancient civilizations and beings.

F: Quartz crystal with iron impurities is purple, unless heat turns it golden. And its properties are “golden” as well!

G: A heart chakra stone associated with compassion and memory, this crystal sometimes grows as a stalactite.

H: This throat chakra crystal is used to moderate the flow of neutrons in nuclear reactors, but it’s also a favorite for jewelry

I: This stone, named after a dog breed, can help lead you to your animal allies.

J: A form of banded chalcedony named after an African nation, with many color variations that give it versatile properties.

K: Though its name means “gold glue,” you’re more likely to find it near a copper mine. Use it to access goddess power.

L: Miners often “sunbathe” this vitality-enhancing stone after it comes out of the ground to bring out more red in its color.

Tip: If you are unsure about any of these crystal clues, take a look HERE and learn “How to ID Your Crystals When They All Look the Same.”

Ready to check your answers?

  • A: Fluorite
  • B: Blue Kyanite
  • C: Green Aventurine
  • D: Rainbow Moonstone
  • E: Orbicular or Ocean Jasper
  • F: Citrine
  • G: Rhodochrosite
  • H: Aquamarine
  • I: Dalmatian Jasper
  • J: Botswana Agate
  • K: Chrysocolla
  • L: Carnelian

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