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The Future is Now...

In the coming weeks, while the media and those who control and mold public attention & opinion turn it up to 11, Try not to react emotionally , see where the message is coming from - both sides of the same coin - do not get riled up because you have always been told to root for your "party" or the labels that were created to divide and fill you with fear , yet are so easily accepted and parroted, liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, using race, religion, sex or creed to separate us from each other and from ourselves. Look real deep & Look in the mirror, and for a second apply critical thinking to everything, and full personal responsibility to everything in your own life. Its going to be very interesting watching this all play out, Fear or Love. 2 choices. Truth resonates within, beyond the Ego, beyond what you want to "believe", it is that feeling in your gut, the intuition, the still small voice within. Be the observer, not the one manipulated into reacting via emotions, strings pulled like a puppet, a slave giving power away to something outside of yourself. Ignorance has replaced wisdom in these strange days, this 21st century digital dream, it is the land of make believe out there.... everyone feels it deep down...Shift your perception and BE The change in the world. It will not come from those puppets with delusions of grandeur asking for your votes and your money, like a junky promising this time it will be different...... I know I am far from the only one who sees beyond the illusions presented. Create the Future. Now. Peace.

For those interested in Consciousness & Alchemy You can read more of these things inside my head here

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