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There is one way to sell Crystals

Welcome to the webs Premier collection of Moldavite, Phenakite, Herkimer Diamond Quartz, Brandberg Crystals and more

Since 2006, I have worked hard to source the best stones from around this amazing planet. Our Selection, quality, knowledge & extremely competitive pricing for the stones we specialize in, have made us one of the top crystal websites in the world. We offer the Premier online collections of the stones we offer, From Moldavite, to Herkimer Diamonds, Phenakite and a variety of Quality Quartz from Brandbergs to Citrine. We also produce our own Jewelry line with the stones we offer & many others. Something for every style.

We work closely with with our sources & independent miners around the world to ensure ethically sourced stones. Direct from the source.Our Moldavite has been featured on Discovery Channels "Ancient Aliens" S06E08 "Relics" episode. Our Blog & info page on How to Spot Fake Moldavite has been reproduced throughout the web, including the online magazine by Naisha Ahsian (co author "The Book of Stones"). We have also been featured by Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible) & Ashley Leavy from Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy and many more. We work with and supply a number of notable Jewelers, Rock Shops & the individual Private Collectors of every level. From faceted gemstones, to natural crystals, stones & jewelry.

InnerVision Crystals is able to cater to any budget and also carries some of the most popular crystals for various modalities like reiki & energy healing, meditation & metaphysical purposes. Direct from the source. Let us show you what peace of mind looks like when buying online. Being at the source allows me to operate on a very unique level and offer a very deep inventory of amazing stones. Extremely Competitive Pricing & Different Discounts of some kind run every month, the quality & prices offered are as good as it gets. I also offer Wholesale to others in the business.

Shipping & Customer Service are top priorities here. We ship a thousands of orders a year. Orders are shipped quickly & daily, excluding weekends & Holidays. We took a break from the road & stopped doing Gem shows after the 2017 Season. We are exclusively online now with a very deep selection of a few thousand amazing stones.

InnerVision Crystals is Located in Hamilton, NY - USA

**DUE TO COVID 19 - WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING IN PERSON VISITS AT THIS TIME** You can email us and we will let you know when this is possible. We do have a $2500 minimum to come shop in person.

Want to come visit in person? At this time we are booking appointments with our VIP & wholesale clients, who wish to come pick out their stones in person. This has certain restrictions of course as we have very busy schedules and are not open to the public for show and tell.

This is what I love to do and I hope I can share that passion with you and put some amazing crystals and gems in your hands.

Thank you for choosing IVC

Mike & The InnerVision Family


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