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Libyan Desert Glass Single Stone | Choose Size 1 - 10 gram

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Original price $10.00 USD
Original price $5.00 USD - Original price $50.00 USD
Original price $10.00 USD
Current price $5.00 USD
$2.50 USD - $25.00 USD
Current price $5.00 USD
Size: 2 g

This is for ONE Stone = 1 x Libyan Desert Glass Stone - You choose the size, from 1 - 10 grams each.

We will pick at random from our inventory.

***We have a very limited # of 1 & 2 gram stones, most of this material runs 3+ grams.

  • These are all nice, we sorted a couple hundred of each size from our last shipment.
  • Texture : Smoother to some pitting
  • A & AA Grade - Some may have very minor dings, we removed anything with serious dings.
  • 1 to 10 gram sizes - SEE PICTURES FOR EXAMPLES OF SIZE
  • A good mix of White Yellow to Yellow colors & mix of shapes / sizes
  • Color may slightly vary from Screen to in Person.

Libyan Desert glass or Great Sand Sea glass is an impact glass, made mostly of Lechatelierite , it is the purest form of Silica Glass. It is found in a remote area in the eastern Sahara / Libyan Desert in western Egypt.

Libyan Desert Glass vibrates at the Solar Plexus chakra & stimulates spiritual healing. It is a protective stone & one of transformation, it can be used for meditation, crystal healing & modalities like Reiki and other purposes. It has been sought for centuries for its metaphysical properties, as talismans & tools, the most famous is probably the Scarab found with King Tut.