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Moldavite Mens Sunflower Ring 8mm Gemstone.

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Size: 8

Channel YOUR InnerVision

We love this heavy duty Mens ring. This is our signature mens ring.

It is a very solid, larger ring, .925 Sterling Silver with triangles derived from the Pattern of the Sunflower. 8mm / 1.25 carat Moldavite Gemstone. The pattern goes half way around the band so that the band itself does not get worn from regular wear.

Remember to always take your rings off when doing any kind of work with tools, etc.

Channel YOUR InnerVision

Customer Reviews

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Greg Woods
Moldavite mens ring

Ring looks great. Fast shipping. Great folks to deal with.

Moldavite Mens Sunflower Ring 8mm Gemstone

The ring is well made, solid, and attractive. The stone is clear, a nice size for the ring, and has a lot of "fire" in the sunlight.

Larry Hardin
Awesomeness Moldavite ring

Been wearing it out and around the house, love the look and the fell of it.... thanks again


I don't wear much jewelry. I have been intrigued with Moldavite since first hearing about it. I finally made a purchase with Innervision after considerable thought. My ring came in a handsome case, sealed very well, with a certificate of authenticity. I took a good look at the jewel through a high X magnifying glass, under light and it looked sort of "olive," rather than the jade color which it looks like in the pictures. Also, I could make out small bubbles inside. It is truly remarkable. I showed a male co-worker this ring and he had never heard of this celestial glass before I mentioned it and showed him. He is going to do some research and may very well become a customer too! Thank you so much for this amazingly beautiful ring!

Jacob Rees

My favorite piece of jewelry I wear EVERY day. Wonderful specimen of moldavite as well, full of bubbles.