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Pseduo Tektites / Volcanic Glass

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New Colombianite Gemstones, very limited project from our cutters!

Here you will find a selection of Pseudo Tektites - Ancient remnants of Volcanic Glass. This group contains stones like Agni Mani, Colombianite & Saffordite. 

These pseudotektites are the final survivors of their ancestral volcanic parents in the geologic Garden of Eden. As the strongest bits in the hearts of boulders, they are something of a crowning gem (—and the gemmy transparent lilac ones do indeed facet into spectacular jewels!). Hold one and marvel. It is not a tektite. It doesn’t need to be. It is a stone with its own amazing story. It is one of the final generation of its kind before ultimate extinction. A grandfather boulder-heart! (from Meteorite-Times magazine)

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