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Summer Clearance is Here!
Summer Clearance is Here!

Seraphinite Tumbled Chips Bracelet

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Seraphinite tumbled chips stretchy bracelet.

  • Seraphinite Tumbled Chips
  • Stretchy Cord
  • One of our Best Sellers
  • Fits up to 8"

Named after the Seraphim (Angels of the highest order), this high vibration stone is used to establish connections to the angelic realm, and to open the crown and higher crown chakras. Considered a stone of spiritual enlightenment, Seraphinite promotes journeys out of the body while also providing protection. It facilitates self healing, and encourages you to live from the heart, thus allowing you to open up to love.

Seraphinite is a stone of light energy. It works best at a subtle level and working with Seraphinite during meditation can help those who lack purpose to discover their place in the universe. It helps identify changes that need to be made in life in order to bring about peace and fulfillment.

Seraphinite is useful to those suffering from depression. It can also help to remove blockages in the chakras, enhance the aura, and it can bring about beneficial effects to the wearer as well as the person nearby. It is a great crystal to keep in the home, office, or on your person because it can release its protective angelic energies out into the environment.  Physically, Seraphinite activates the spinal cord, releases muscle tension up into the neck, enhances weight loss, relieves chills, and may also help with the delivery and assimilation of vitamins and minerals in the various organs of the body. - Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible

*These will last if you do not PULL / Overstretch them, and take them on and off properly, during sleep, shower, etc. Not recommended for children who will pull on them. These are the most affordable way of having a little something to carry or wear with you. 

Charoite comes from our Shungite source in Russia. 


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