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Sugilite is a rare stone, found in South Africa

An exceptional crystal for awakening the Crown Chakra, Sugilite infuses the body with light, bringing spiritual love & light in through the Crown and down to the Base Chakra, aligning all of the chakras. It is a powerful attractor of healing energies, and has surfaced to further an awareness of the connection between the well-being of the mind and the well-being of the body. Its use helps counter the mental and emotional stresses that create many of the illnesses and diseases of the physical body. Known as "The Healer's Stone", Sugilite is said to enhance one's healing and psychic abilities. 

(Also known as Sugelite, Sugalite, Lavulite, Luvulite, and Royal Azel) Use at the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra to aid in opening one to divine energy, to enhance meditation, to promote astral travel, to stimulate lucid dreaming and dream healing, to aid one in learning and understanding shamanic practices and rituals, to communicate with one’s ancestors or spirit guides, and to aid in working with the Violet Flame of St. Germaine.

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