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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Vogel Crystals

We will release a few pieces in Summer 2024. Please sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to know.

These are special crystals. We are honored to work with Drew Tousley of Luminary Studios. Drew cut with & helped design Vogel Crystals with the master, Marcel Vogel. He ran his cutting operation until 1991, when Marcel left this world. Drew has carried on the tradition since. He has a few select dealers that he works with and has a 2 - 3+ month waiting list on his website.

There are many knock offs, and Vogel "inspired" tools on the market. You simply wont get the same results nor should the Vogel name really be used for those pieces. I am grateful to have gotten to know Drew over the years, as I have had tools created for my personal use.

Vogel Crystals are very special. "Telephones for God" is how crystals were described by Marcel Vogel, a former research scientist for IBM, and the man who became the pioneer in developing the modern therapeutic use of quartz crystal healing tools. The Vogel name has become synonymous with the double terminated shape that has been so extensively copied in the new age/healing community marketplace.

These crystals are unique, a special technology for consciousness expansion and healing. Each is cut to specific dimensions, at certain angles. Prayer / Intention / Meditation is done the entire time the piece is being cut. These are truly unique and pieces and we are very happy to be partnered with Drew to offer small batches of these crystals.

We do not offer discounts on these crystals, these are unique one of a kind pieces and are offered at the same price as Drew offers them.

The waiting list for crystals can take up to 6 months, if you are interested in a custom or something out of stock here please contact me directly via our contact page on the menu above. Thank you for being here.

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