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micro herks

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals Wholesale "Sugar" 1mm - 5mm 10 GRAMS


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***Please do not use any Discount codes for Wholesale items***- Please order these separately from single stones, etc if using a code of any kind. Thank you

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals WHOLESALE LOTS AA GRADE 1mm - 5mm 10 GRAMS **LIMITED SUPPLY OF NEW STONES***

I can not give just certain sizes in these lots at this time, what remains is it until spring mining, they come as they pour out, so you will have a lot of TINY ones in there as well as a mix of the rest of the sizes up to 5mm max.

These Micro Crystals range between 1mm - 5mm in size, , but I will weigh 0.5 grams over for each lot to ensure a really good lot. This is what we call the Herkimer Diamond "Sugar".


AA Grade = 98%+ Flawless, No Contacts, Eye Clean, very minor micro inclusion may be present, This is the highest Quality

A+ Grade = 95% Flawless, very minor inclusions / contacts may be present

A Grade = 90% Flawless , Minor inclusions / Contacts present

B+ Grade = Contacts / Inclusions, sometimes floater Crystals

B Grade = Prevalent Contacts, Inclusions, may be single Terminations

C Grade = Heavily included, Contacts are present, Can be chips, Half Crystals, Etc.

All Herkimer Diamonds are direct from the source here in NY.

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