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Libyan Desert Glass | A Grade WHOLESALE LOT***NEW STOCK AVAILABLE***

Original price $400.00 USD - Original price $3,000.00 USD
Original price
$400.00 USD
$400.00 USD - $3,000.00 USD
Current price $400.00 USD
Size: 100 grams
**10/12/21 - NEW stock is here***

100 Grams of A Grade Libyan Desert Glass

Wholesale Lot Size :

  • 100 grams @ $4 per gram
  • 500 grams @ $3.50 per gram
  • 1000 grams / Kilo @ $3 per gram
  • This Grade is a nice mix of colors light to medium Yellow shades, & mix of shapes, transparent, some with inclusions.

  • These range from 1 - 10 grams on avg, most between 2 - 6 grams. Minor dings may be present on some pieces.

Libyan Desert glass or Great Sand Sea glass is an impact glass, made mostly of Lechatelierite found in areas in the eastern Sahara / Libyan Desert in western Egypt.

The most famous LDG found would be a carved Scarab found with King Tut.

Over the past few years LDG supplies have dwindled, restricted access into the deep desert and export regulations have made obtaining new good stones hard. 

All wholesale sold as is, no refunds due to availability.

Please understand the amount, grade & size of the stones you are purchasing.