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Moldavite Mens Sunflower Ring 8mm Gemstone.

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Size: 8

Channel YOUR InnerVision

We love this heavy duty Mens ring. This is our signature mens ring.

It is a very solid, larger ring, .925 Sterling Silver with triangles derived from the Pattern of the Sunflower. 8mm / 1.25 carat Moldavite Gemstone. The pattern goes half way around the band so that the band itself does not get worn from regular wear.

Remember to always take your rings off when doing any kind of work with tools, etc.

Channel YOUR InnerVision

Our Moldavite includes a Certificate of Authentication. Check out more choices in Moldavite Rings. Free shipping over $250 . Another stunning option you may also want to consider is Moldavite Infinity 5 Stone Ring. Discover the full power and beauty of Moldavite with our comprehensive collection of Moldavite Jewelry, featuring earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Shop now and experience the transformative energy of this incredible gemstone. Since 2006, IVC has delivered only the highest quality Moldavite Stones from our Moldavite Collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Jason Crisenberry
Nice 👍

Nice construction, seems legit. Came with certificate of authenticity from inner vision for what that’s worth. It’s not 3rd party verified or anything. But I’m pleased with it and wear it everyday.

A. Angeles
An AMAZING piece

This is a Wedding Anniversary present.
Love this ring!!!

Nate C.
Moldavite Mens Sunflower Ring 8mm Gemstone

I love the ring. The cut for the Moldavite gem is very nice. The only thing that I would change is I would make the band at the bottom more narrow than the top. Its the same width all the way around and is a little annoying when bending my finger.

Absolutely love it!

I don’t usually wear rings, aside from my wedding ring, but when I saw this Moldavite ring something inside me said I needed to have it. From the moment I have received it I haven’t taken it off. I can’t put into words the feeling I revive from it but it has put my body into a resonance that I have never felt before. The stone is beautifully cut and the ring fits perfectly. Would highly recommend it.

Shane Mahabir
Sunflower Ring 🥰

I love it...!!! ❤️