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Shop Our Restock For 20% OFF

Tucson Finds 2016 - Everything is now Available online

UPDATED : 2/26/2016

2016 Tucson Gem Show Finds - Vol. 2
The Biggest Restock ever!
Fully restocked collections for 2016 -
All stones come Direct from the Source
The Largest Online Collections

From Raw Stones in all sizes to Faceted Gemstones & Jewelry IVC is the place for all your Moldavite needs

Direct from the Source right here in NY. So many new amazing crystals & more

New Burmese crystals & a few Nigerian pieces left. This elusive stone is something special.

100s of Amazing Crystals from this Magical location in the Goboboseb
Mountains, Namibia.
The most Amazing Amethyst & Smoky crystals, Scepters, Enhydros, Skeletals

This year in Tucson I bought a collection of very rare aesthetic formations, mostly stars and bursts. These rare pseudomorphs from the White Desert in Egypt are amazing!


A very limited supply of Old Stock Crystals from the original mines and a few newer ones are available now - This is Everything, when they are gone thats it.

from 2009 - 2012, When the mines were in full production IVC was at the source and helped move a few thousand kilos of these amazing crystals. Since the original mines stopped producing the crystals have been harder to find as no more are coming out and any old stocks have been stashed away.

This year in Tucson I found some Old Stocks and am very excited to have a few of these beauties home with us.
Quartz & Minerals

I love quartz, such an amazing stone with so many varieties and inclusions. Check out one of the Largest collections you will find online. From Herkimer Diamonds to Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky, rare Optical Clear, Ajoite & MORE

This year IVC brought back a very nice selection of Minerals. From Pseudomorphs to Dioptase, Cobaltoan Caclite, Shattuckite & MORE. Awesome pieces for Collectors and metaphysical.
The Private Collection
For the collectors who enjoy the Best of the Best. This collection features the top pieces from our available inventory.

From Amazing Quartz to Beryl, Moldavite, and everything in between.

Jewelry & Gemstones 

Limited Edition Custom Jewelry; the Esoteric Symbolism Collection from IVC & JX

Only a few of each Remain

Some rare larger custom cuts have been added, these are some of the perks of being at the source for this amazing stone
Cabs & Polished Stones

Limited supplies at close out deals
Jewelry, Gems & Crystals
Some other new additions

very rare etched Crystals from the Ukraine

very nice etched crystals from Brazil 

Some crystals & faceted Gems 
2016 is our 10th year! Thank YOU to all our amazing clients and sources for being an integral part of IVC

Back from Tucson and EVERYTHING is now listed and available.
So many amazing crystals & gems. Thank you & Enjoy! 

FREE U.S. Shipping Available on every order
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