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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Moldavite Restock!

A lot of work goes into the Moldavite collections here at IVC.
We work very closely with our Czech Partner to ensue we get first look at the really good stuff. This year in Tucson we had our annual meeting and were blessed to pick up some exclusive offerings and are very happy to offer these amazing stones

Every once in awhile some rare faceted stones are released with that really rare forest green with a slight blue green tint. This year I was offered first pick of some amazing Large Faceted Moldavites from the Radomilice Fields.
You can now see these amazing stones featured in the Moldavite Gemstones section

I was also able to personally select from the 20 - 50+ gram pieces,
I take almost every piece I am offered and this years selections are pretty sweet. Its good to be at the source and be able to see so many of these rare larger stones.

For the last couple of years I have been holding back the top 10% of all the Top Quality that comes in, many amazing shapes - Discs, Drops, Etc. and Those have now all been made available
 Dont miss these selections!   


This year more jewelry will be added, including more Limited Edition Custom Pieces.
Web / Email Exclusive - $100 Silver + Moldavite Alchemy Pendant
this is the more affordable CAD reproduction of the limited edition pieces.

You can also get theLimited Edition Custom Moldavite Talismans
from IVC & JX

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