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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

A look ahead to 2022


The only constant is change.

As IVC enters its 16th year, we are looking at how we can strive to be better as a company. We have built an amazing community of clients around the world over these last 15 years. We are blessed to do what we do, and have YOU to thank for that continued success. The 5 of us work very hard to make it happen and look forward to another year of bringing you the best quality Moldavite, Crystals & Jewelry we can offer.

Over the next few weeks we are going to give IVC a tune up. You'll like it, we promise. A few ideas, some innervision to get out of my head & spice things up around here. Raise the bar...

For the rest of 2021 everything is 25% off. Then we plan for The Tucson Gem Show. We are excited about the prospects of returning to the worlds largest show to do some serious buying. 

Stay tuned.

Blessings & Thank you for the continued support

Mike & The IVC Family



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