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Welcome to IVC
Welcome to IVC

Authentic Moldavite - Guaranteed. Info for those with questions.


InnerVision Crystals is the largest online Moldavite dealer in the US & one of the premier dealers in the Moldavite World.

All of our Moldavite comes with a company COA & are 100% Guaranteed. The stones are guaranteed to stand up to GIA lab testing (the best in the world). IVC has been sourcing direct from the same sources in Czech Republic since 2006.

Mike is one of the leading experts in the world on Moldavite & how to spot the fakes coming out of India & China.

Alicyn & Mike helped edit and translate the English for this book on Moldavite, written by our friends in Czech Republic.

The pieces we have now are mostly coming from the fields most commonly known as Zatacka & Chlum. We are buying collections & Reserves direct in Czech monthly.

Even with the mines not producing we still have access to things many do not. Being at the source has allowed us to offer the deepest online selection. Discovery Channels show "Ancient Aliens" has featured our stones in their Relics episode as well & We are well known by all the major Authors, Naisha Ahsian (Book of Stones), Judy Hall (The Crystal bible) & Ashley Leavy (Love & Light school) to name a few. You can read & see all about the fakes here, we have the best resource page about them, #1 on google.

We have tested a number of them here in NY at Colgate University. Mike knows the Department Chair of the Geology Dept, their kids are in the same class.

See more info on the fakes here

You can also read here how we source all of our stones.

I Hope this helps with peace of mind

Thank you

InnerVision Crystals


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Danica Sigler - February 6, 2023

How old should I be to get Moldavite?
Like I know people say to get it when you’re ready but i’m still young Im only
15 Im young i know but what I’m really trying to say is should I get moldavite when I’m getting really close for the future like collage, a job, etc? Maybe

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