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Crystals, Healing & Consciousness

Crystals have been used for healing and energy work as far back as human history reaches. Everything, all matter and life is energy, with its own vibrational frequency, and crystals are no different. Each variation has a unique vibrational level, or certain qualities, this is why for example that quartz for instance is used in electronic devices from watches, to computers and many other applications. When energy is applied or transmitted through, it expands and amplifies the energy.

Crystals have the ability to store and program energy and when introduced into the energy field of the human body can direct and transmute energy if applied properly. The structure of crystals is based on the arrangement of the atoms & molecules in its makeup. Crystalline structure is the most perfect on earth and has attracted the wonder of the human mind since the beginning. Metaphysical attributes have been associated with crystals since humans have been conscious of their many uses, when humans were more in touch with nature and right brain, intuition based thinking.

Crystals also have the ability, through incorporating them with meditation and metaphysics (which modern physics will come to combine within the coming years) allow us to perceive different levels of our awareness / consciousness. Some crystals for example, such as Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals (NY - USA), Lemurian Seed Crystals (Brazil), and Moldavite (Czech Republic) are very high vibration crystals and can have a very deep impact on not only the energy field of human beings, but can also have profound effects on consciousness through meditation. The physical tool needed to help with something tangible while trying to navigate the unseen, the unknown. Through meditation (the tuning / turning inward of the mind / consciousness with higher awareness to access pure mind) information can be obtained from these higher states of being and help to activate the third eye (pineal gland / Minds eye - the part of the brain associated with intuition and higher senses, "psychic" awareness).

The ancients, were very much in tune with nature, energy and their relationship to the whole of creation before the last shift in planetary consciousness thousands of years ago. In todays modern society it is easy to see how that connection must be established once again to rise above the issues facing us. Technology is an amazing thing, and with the Wisdom available we have the opportunity to do so many great things. But Wisdom (knowledge known & verified via direct experience) is quickly becoming lost, while knowledge and data replace them, many times without even verifying what may being presented, or why....

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